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How to Smoothly Downsize Homes as a Single Parent

By Alexis Hall - December 09, 2021
If you're a single parent taking on the task of downsizing homes, chances are you're dealing with at least a small amount of stress. Though you're headed for the greener pastures of simplicity and beginning an exciting new journey with your kids, there is a lot to think about while downsizing.  Below, Joel Finnie provides some practical tips to make your experience faster and

Affordable Decorating Tips for Couples

By Katie Conroy - Guest Blogger - September 06, 2021
  Moving in together is a natural step for many couples. In fact, the number of cohabiting adults is on the rise, according to a survey by the PEW Research Center. Cohabiting can be a great source of joy. That said, moving in together can also be stressful. In fact, statistics suggest that living together is more stressful than being married. You can ease the process by preparing for a s

A Home Run: A Brief Guide to Selling Your Property Fast

By Suzie Wilson - June 07, 2021
Image by Pexels     A Home Run: A Brief Guide to Selling Your Property Fast Selling a home can sometimes feel like money spent rather than earned, but with a few cunning methods, you can increase your property’s value quickly and on a budget. It’s time to roll up the sleeves and roll out the carpet – your saleworthy home is just a few (DIY) steps away.  

How to Get Your Home Clean Again After a Mouse Infestation

By Jim McKinley - Guest Blogger - June 07, 2021
  How to Get Your Home Clean Again After a Mouse Infestation Dealing with pests like mice can be time-consuming and frustrating. Fortunately, better days are ahead. Once the mice are gone, you can focus on deep cleaning your home and preventing future problems. Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist Joel Finnie shows you how in this guide. Bring in Professionals Of course, you nee

How to Show and Sell Your Home in The Age of Coronavirus

By Katie Conroy - June 07, 2021
Image via Pexels How to Show and Sell Your Home in The Age of Coronavirus Not surprisingly, fewer home buyers are willing to visit a home in person right now. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing is still the norm. While this development requires a change in routine — for sellers, real estate agents, and buyers alike — it shouldn’t stop you from showing off your h

How to Get a Good Price on Your Home in a Poor Market

By Jim McKinley - Guest Blogger - January 27, 2021
  Know Your Local Market Conditions Being informed is the first step toward netting a good price on your home. You need to know whether your local market favors buyers or sellers. For example, if there is a large inventory of homes on the market, this indicates a more favorable market for buyers. In contrast, fewer homes can mean your home may be a competitive listing. If you need a profe

Resources For New Real Estate Investors

By Katie Conroy - January 27, 2021
  Resources For New Real Estate Investors   Every real estate investor has to start somewhere. Sometimes, we opt to rent out our own vacation homes as a way to generate a second seasonal income. Others, we purchase and renovate single and multi-family houses to rent for the long haul. Whichever option you’ve chosen – or think you might be interested in – there are

3 Things You Need to Do to Really Make Money from Your Investment Property

By Katie Conroy - Guest Blogger - February 17, 2020
It’s widely acknowledged that real estate is a safer investment than most. Despite this, purchasing your very first investment property will come with no small measure of trepidation — and for good reason. Like all ventures, it still comes with risks, not the least of which is a high vacancy rate that can potentially result in negative cash flow. On the other hand, it also comes with

Moving a Parent in After Their Spouse’s Death

By Lucille Rosetti - Guest Blogger - June 09, 2019
  Moving a Parent in After Their Spouse’s Death The death of a spouse isn’t just devastating for your elderly parent; it could prompt a sharp decline in their health. Not only does the emotional stress of losing a spouse put your surviving parent at risk of cardiovascular decline, the resulting grief and isolation can spur myriad health issues, from poor nutrition to cognitiv

A Complete Guide to Moving Following a Loss

By Lucille Rosetti - Guest Blogger - April 22, 2019
When you lose a loved one, especially one who was a constant part of your everyday life, it can be difficult to see the world around you go on without them. Your environment and your routine feel off, and this can make it harder for you to process your grief and move on from it. For some, moving and finding a fresh start somewhere new can be exactly what is needed.   Of course, moving is a



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